Thursday, April 1, 2010


There are so many words I could use. There are many words spoken. Yet, I can't figure out specifically how to word my thoughts. I could spend this time listing out how I have grown and what I have learned here at G42. But it can't be contained in words. It is me. It is my heart. It is Life.

Simply put there is PASSION.

Like other words we are quick to generalize this term. But I see the depth in the word. To be so overwhelm
ed, filled, bursting with joy, desire, purpose that it can't be contained. To understand and grasp the joy of being Loved that it overflows from you, where you are not deterred no matter the challenges. It isn't something that can be contained, but must be released, shared with others, covering others, serving others, loving others. It is Life.

And in that moment when action takes place, when it bursts out of you in genuine gratefulness, does passion move from just being another word thrown around here and there, or something we hope to get someday.... but it transitions to reality, action, Truth. It becomes who you are!!!

You are a man of passion. And it is a passion that is contagious, encouraging, hopeful. You are a man of possibilities and opportunities, not challenges. You are a man of Love and Grace, not judgement or pride. You are a man who must act to express the passion running through you. To give of yourself generously to others without expectation. You are a man who is true to your word because you are more than words, but a man of action. You don't wait to serve others, to speak words of encouragement, to listen, to Love, because it is impossible to contain.

You are a man who can say, I
PASS what I have ON others.
PASS who I am ON others.
PASS the life I live ON others.
Speak. Dance. Laugh. Serve. Give. Love. And may your passion rub off on all those around you.


  1. Oh sweet JENN...first it was GREAT to skype with you today! i just enjoy our conversations!!! you know until i run out of things to say and it gets awkward for me :) ha, ha, ha :) ok, but really this post speaks volumes! everytime i see you, i can see the passion God has placed on your heart and the way you are living out that passion is incredible! Praise God! love you tons!

  2. Your passion always comes through Jenn in your words and pictures. I do have to admit though that I didn't know what "pass I on" meant, it took me a second! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

  3. i loved the sentences at the bottom where you broke up the word passion. it is so obvious that this is your passion. you are full of joy and it shows.