Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go and Do It.

Nathan told David, "Whatever is on your heart, go and do it; God is with you."
~1 Chronicles 17:2,

"Go and do it."

I look back at the times that I hesitated, waiting on GOD to move me, to make it clear. I remember the times I doubted. I questioned. I waited. Did I really grasp that Christ is in me? Did I understand what that really meant?

And now, I realize, I understand, that when my heart is right, focused on HIM, then the passions and desires that are in my heart are of HIM and HE doesn't say, "wait", but leads me to go and do it, for HE is with me.

When once I was inhibited by my past, by fears, by challenges I felt were too big to accomplish, by any excuse why something wouldn't work out, I now am filled with the HOPE of what can be, what will be.

Are there still challenges? Of course. And honestly, some are bigger than I imagined. But I don't doubt that I am to continue pressing forward, living without excuses, trusting that as I continue on, no matter what, I will not be deterred for when my heart is in the right place, I am living as I was created to live. I am to go and do it. I will go and do it.

I have been absolutely blessed to have been taught, challenged, loved, and supported by leadership, by family, that lives this way, daily. There isn't the continuous doubt, "Is this the will of GOD?", because they grasp and live out the understanding that we are the will of GOD.

In one week I return home. Yet, I am not going home to wait or put off what I know I am to do. But I am going home to continue living, loving, serving, discipling, preparing... for this lifestyle is and will be foundational for future generations.

Go and DO IT!


  1. what a beautiful picture of you! i can't wait to see you in a few weeks. :) love you!

  2. FABULOUS post, Jenn! I love it...hope to see you while you're home!! We'll be praying for safe travel for you. Much love, my friend.

  3. What a great post and we totally can't wait to see you!!!...and hear all about what you have experienced! God is amazing and when we hesitate, we miss out on blessings. Love you!!!

  4. Hello my darling sister!
    I'm excited to see what God will have you "go and do" when you are here.

    I am glad you are willing and listening intently and moving forward when the opportunity presents itself. I will pray for opportunity.

    I'm excited for the lessons you still get to learn once you come home. Isn't it exciting that God puts us where He needs us? to form us and help us mature into HIS will? So excited to see what's next!

  5. That picture is absolutely gorgeous!! I'm excited to see you soon. Can't wait to hear about what God has done in your life and what he has in store for you next!