Sunday, July 25, 2010

Am I Available?

I ordered a book the other day. To keep it cheap, I of course ordered it used from a website that I have trusted before. When it arrived, it appeared to be the book that I purchased, but when I opened it, it was much more.

You see, it had writings and questions from the previous owner filling up several of the pages. Statements and thoughts were underlined because they struck the heart of this woman. Her deepest thoughts and questions revealed and yet I don't know her.

As I continued reading, asking questions, and evaluating my own heart, I came to a section where she was honest with where her heart was. She was being honest with her perception of love.

Her entry (07.31.09) - Love: It's been "convenient" and conditionally expressed. It's been limited by what's comfortable by me and/or the other. I don't know how to give or know how to receive love any other way. How can I truly give and receive Love?

I don't know what conclusions she came to or what she decided, but this honest truth from a complete stranger really got me thinking about "availability".

Love requires availability.

Whether it be being available to the guidance of the Spirit, praising GOD for HIS goodness, to sitting with a spouse as he/she explains their day, answering one of the many questions children have, cooking a meal for a family, listening to a friend, getting that cup of coffee for someone who you know would like to have one, speaking that word of encouragement, to helping the woman down the street you see struggling to carry her bags, etc... am I available? are you available? How easy we can crowd our days with tasks and our own agendas that we miss the person right next to us.

I want my life to be a life of service and Love. I am available.


  1. Being available sounds so much easier than it is some days. Sometimes I just get wrapped up in my own life that I forget to be available for what God has planned for me that day. Thanks for the reminder, Jenn!

  2. Wow this post was worth the wait! What an inspiring post to be available and act on it!!! This touched me greatly and really opened my eyes! Love you!

  3. being available is difficult at times, but it's definitely how we are called to live. good thoughts!