Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Fresh Start

Starting over.

I needed to clear out all the past ramblings that covered this page, to start new, to start fresh, exposing the depth of who I am and what GOD is doing here in Mijas, Spain. I am not satisfied with the general surface subjects, quick stories, random pictures, but must share my heart where there is something real, and true to speak. I don't want to speak what you want to hear, but speak what you need to hear, and what I need to share. And so here I am.

I am not here to coast through, to waste this time, to go through the movements. It isn't just a season of my life. THIS IS LIFE. So I choose to invest in others as scary as that can be. I choose to stop waiting to follow, but to step up and lead. I choose to stop waiting for things to happen, but make things happen. My trust grows. My heart exposed. My dreams explode. And as I take each step I begin to discover a deeper Love. Fears fade. Excuses disperse. and I choose to be, to move, to serve, to love in the midst of it all.

Mijas, has quickly become more than just a location, but home. It is more than the lectures and discussions that teach me about relationships, about teams, about making a plan. It is more than the community in which I live, where I can ask honest questions, where we share visions, where if we chose, we can get to the heart of each other. It is more than the "ministries" I am a part of, the soup kitchen, that continues to give me a stronger heart for those on the street, that teaches me about servanthood, and to allow GOD to bring an understanding between me and those I listen to. It is more than the chapel on the side of the hill where I hike to, to release and to intercede. It is home. It is life. It is the heartbeat of it all together that is...simply put...LIFE.


  1. valuable, but yet so many waste it. you are such an inspiration and great example. you see life or what it is and aren't afraid to live serving, learning, giving, and sacrificing. love yoU!

  2. Missed your "voice" my dear friend.
    Love hearing how God is moving in you.
    I am praying that you are daily open to His will...and that you hear His gentle whispers.
    (I am praying that for myself as well!) You are not alone on the journey. We are beside you - countries away. :)
    Love you!

  3. What a wonderful fresh start...making the most out of life and this blog!!! I look forward to the truth you share with us :) Love you tons!!!

  4. What a great reminder to live in the now instead of rushing by with life. I miss your blogs and pictures and of course the times we share together. Can't wait to hear about God's wonderful work in your life!