Saturday, February 13, 2010

Promises in the Rain

We stood in the street. Rain falling down.

Previously, I wondered what was bringing me to Fuengirola today. I had hoped to go to the beach, but cold weather, gray skies, and a steady rain made that walk a little less than pleasant. Still I went. I wondered if I should take my ipod and have music at least entertain me as I ventured out today. But I knew I couldn't bring that distraction. So I made the journey alone.

And then there I was. I was standing in the rain with my friend.

Would I have seen him if the sun was out and I was with a group of friends out on the beach? I would like to think so. Would I have heard him if my favorite song was loudly playing on my ipod as I danced around the streets? I would like to think so. But the truth is, he was why I was there.

We exchanged greetings and pleasantries, commenting on the weather and how well his companion, his dog was. I began to hear about his past and the journey that has led him to life on the streets. He shared a bit of his story. I shared a bit of mine. And soon we got on the topic of promises. There we were, sharing with one another what it meant to make promises and what it feels like when we break promises. At that moment several questions began to fill my mind. I wondered if he trusted me. I wondered how many times broken promises filled our minds with doubt. I wondered how many times I begin to question promises I know are true when the rain begins to fall, when challenges arise.

Just as we stood in the rain throughout our conversation, knowing that we would survive, I continue to stand confidently in the promises I know are true, no matter what challenges come my way.

So I say...let the rain fall.


  1. I love how God places people in our lives for a purpose! I love that you stepped out of the comfort zone of earthly distractions to really focus on this man and his heart! Love you!!

  2. How brave you are. I am on the opposite side of always being too prepared with ipod or book or something to keep my mind occupied. I wonder how many opportunities I miss??

  3. oh mi estrellita...i needed that this morning. thank you for the reminder. He truly is faithful, steady, and constant. His promises won't fall short, even if it's pouring all around me. :) love, kris