Friday, August 27, 2010

Dispersed but not Disabled

(The thoughts expressed are specifically addressed to my G42 community, but I hope it challenges others who read it as well.)

Change, as we know, is inevitable. And yet, it still surprises us when it happens. It can stir up doubt, fear, concern, and seem to hinder us if we allow. I sit here thinking about the conversations I have had with my community from Spain. It has been such a joy to me to be able to skype, email, text, and call those who I grew close with during the past 6 months. Those whose friendships challenged and encouraged me...

and continue to, though we may be miles away from each other.

Each relationship is different and each person is facing their own challenges and their own accomplishments and steps forward as they continue living out their dreams, passions, Lives. Each one unique as we are all unique.

But the truth is, struggles do exist. Why is it that location and physical distance tend to turn us upside down for some time, tend to stir up confusion? We know it isn't where we are that defines us. It isn't who is right next to us that tells us who we are. Have we lost our voice because we are now in a new area, or location? In fact, this is when we should be speaking. Now. Among our friends and family, where ever we are, who ever we are with. Does GOD still choose to use us though we may not be physically together? Absolutely, for it is you HE chooses. It is you. Just as it is me.

We may be dispersed around the world, but we are not disabled. For we are still a community. There is support. There is friendship. There is Life...and Love. And it isn't because we all live within walking distance of each other (though I must admit, was quite wonderful), but because we are living the lives we are called to live. As I continue to reflect on this, I can't stop being reminded of the freedom that is abundant in Love. Love that draws us together, but allows us to grow, to be, to Live.

I learn more about this as I travel between homes throughout the week. Where I am is where I am to be. And I will speak what I am to speak; I will encourage where I am to encourage; I will challenge where I am to challenge, and I will be me, confident in the Love of God and the Love of community.

As we are dispersed around the world, let us Live in this confidence. For we are not disabled, but empowered.


  1. What a beautiful post and a great reminder that God places us where He needs us to serve. I, of course wasn't a part of the G42 group, but I can confirm that my family is blessed because of the work you are doing here. Our lives would have never been touched if you didn't leave the comfort of your mission family and reach out to us. Thank you for that, for serving where God needs you and where we can be encouraged as well! Love you!

  2. What a great reminder Jenn that everywhere you are is a mission field. You don't have to be in a foreign country to speak what God places on your heart. I'm sure it's hard for you to move around a lot and get to know people just in time to leave them, but God has GREAT plans for you!