Friday, August 13, 2010

One of Those Moments #1...

photo of Amos and Tyler provided by Jackie

I don't know how long it went on, because that's not what matters. But there they were, having a great time no where else but on the living room floor. Amos was just taking time to play with Tyler, his son. The room was filled with one the greatest giggles I have ever heard. They had a great time together, just laughing. I know Tyler won't remember every single moment in his life. But I have no doubt that he will always know how important he is to his father who spends time with him, who Loves him. And I know he will remember how good it feels to just laugh!

They choose to Live and Love NOW.


  1. I remember that day and you just brought it to life again for me using your words...incredible! It was an incredible moment and what an amazing feeling to feel so loved! Another great are one incredible writer! Love you!

  2. I LOVE those little moments in life. And a child's laughter is God's greatest gift.