Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've Got My Stone...

and I'm not backing down.

I remember the week George R. came to share with us, to teach us, and to challenge us in our dreams and plans. He made us think. He guided us. He questioned us to see if we would back down. Some felt it was an intense week, others felt ready. Either way, it was great preparation.

For now I'm home, still carrying out the plans laid out, still pressing on, still very much passionate about that dream in my heart which will be reality, and yet still living in the present. But, lately I've faced some challenges. In a particular area of my life, I've felt as though I have been asked to jump through certain hoops, put through one test after another. And it continues...

I'll admit, I struggled a bit with the pressure and frustration of it all. But as I ran today, I began to really take my thoughts captive. I know this is part of the path, and how could I consider turning away because it gets a little challenging?

I saw the stone in my hand.

When David faced his giant, he used one stone. So what is my stone?

HIS purpose for my life.

I saw the preparation GOD provided as last night I had the amazing opportunity to share of my experience at the G42 Leadership Academy, to share my passions and dreams, to share my heart with some great women.

I've got my stone. I have purpose. And I declare now that I will not back down. I declare that I will give my all without complaining. I declare now that I will persevere with appreciation and gratitude for the great things around me, in me, and through this experience.

I've got my stone...what is yours?


  1. Did you really have to throw in that whole "without complaining" part?!! :) I think that has to be one of the biggest parts of the challenge. I'm pretty stinkin' sure that I can do what I'm supposed to do, but it's those bumps in the road that really shake you! And by the way...love the picture! :)

  2. I love how you took your thoughts captive and stayed on the path that God is leading you! You are purpose wherever He places you and I love you!!!

  3. you do have a purpose and God is equipping you each and every day for that pupose. his timing is perfect and with your stone in hand, you are right where he wants you to be!