Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who We Are

It's been one of those of those weeks where everything hits you, doubt can sink in, and there are moments where you just battle with the reality of where you are. Hope and faith exist and remain, but must be held tightly for it would be easy to let go.

And there she was. My sister, who even through her own pressures of life and family, looked beyond herself to an awareness of me, reaching out to me with such encouragement which has always been evident in who she is. She provided such uplifting words, challenged me and held me accountable, and made time to sit and listen to me, to understand.

I heard her words, which were what I needed to hear, but mostly it was what was in her presence that kept me grounded in the truth I know, the acceptance I have, and the person I am. It was the hope that was coming off of her. It was the peace the was overflowing from her. It was the love which she freely gives that was coming through her. It was just simply her.

And I found this to be true even with friends who are miles away from me. Friends who provided specific words for me this week, shared them willingly, who were aware of what they needed to speak, and what I needed to hear.

I was so appreciative of such love that I reflected on the question Andrew Shearman would ask us, "What is coming off of you?" and
I ask, "What is coming through you?", because it is the core of who we are that is to be seen, to be given, to be shared...for Christ is in us.

Sometimes we let fear hold us back from this awareness of others, reaching out to others, trusting the Spirit to guide us. We try to think of something wise and profound to say or we keep silent. We don't have a plan of action to help someone, so we do nothing. When most of the time, what is needed is simply...WHO WE ARE.

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  1. Ok, when I read the question, "what is coming off of you?", I got goose bumps! We should be aware of what is coming off of us and how we can share God's love with others. Incredible Jenn! I just love this blog and how you make us think :) Praise God for working through you :) Love you tons!